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  • Nutrition and Exercise for Growing Puppies Open link in new window
    With the proliferation of large breed-specific and all-life-stage diets, it's sometimes difficult to know what is marketing hype from pet food manufacturers, what level of exercise is safe, and what the veterinary community recommends. The choices can impact the puppy's health in years to come, so it's best to understand the recommendations so you can make an informed choice.
  • Using Dogs to Sniff Out Respiratory Disease in Calves Open link in new window
    Dogs have been trained to sniff out human diseases, and researchers from West Texas A&M University are working to see if dogs can do the same with cattle.  
  • Oral Diabetic Therapies Open link in new window
    When the body is not able to produce insulin at all, there is no choice but to give insulin injections. Sometimes, however, the body can produce some insulin, just not enough. In this situation, there may be some room for alternative therapy. Read on.
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Open link in new window
    FIP is a serious disease with near 100% mortality, no good test, no good treatment, and no good vaccine. If your cat is an FIP suspect, we know how painful the lack of knowing can be. We hope these resources can provide facts and understanding during this difficult time.
  • Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada-Like Syndrome in Dogs Open link in new window
    True VKH syndrome is a human disease, well described for nearly a century. A similar disease in dogs has been described but since we do not know the relationship between the canine and human disease, we are hesitant to call the canine version VH syndrome as well. Until we know what is really going on in the dog, we will leave it at VK-H-LIKE syndrome or, more accurately, uveodermatologic syndrome.
  • Heartworm Infection in Cats Open link in new window
    Do cats get heartworm? The answer to this question is an unequivocal yes but the situation is vastly different from the canine situation. It is important to understand the differences and understand why feline infection is so rare.
  • Lymphoma in the Skin of Dogs Open link in new window
    There are three types of skin lymphoma: mycosis fungoides, Sezary syndrome, and pagetoid reticulosis.
  • Idiopathic Cystitis in Cats Open link in new window
    Formerly known as FUS or FLUTD, feline idiopathic cystitis simply means bladder inflammation of unknown cause. It is a set of symptoms that cannot be classified as a disease.
  • Seasonal Flank Alopecia in Dogs Open link in new window
    With seasonal flank alopecia, a dog loses hair in the flank area on a seasonal basis. Different dogs seem to choose different seasons to lose their hair (fall and spring are popular) and when the season changes the hair generally grows back.
  • Why Is Your Horse Coughing? Open link in new window
    Coughing in horses is not uncommon. There are many different causes why your horse may be coughing, and the cause determines the treatment.

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