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Pat Koven, LVT, KPA-CTP
Published: January 11, 2021

Pat Koven, LVT, KPA-CTP is the Training and Wellness Manager for Midcoast Humane. Since joining Midcoast Humane, she has developed new behavior evaluation and behavior modification methods for all new arrivals in order to increase adoption rates and decrease length of stay.
Pat develops training programs for all our animals using positive reinforcement methods in addition to individualized training plans for our longer-term residents and behavior cases. Pat enjoys teaching our staff about positive reinforcement methods and clicker training and has started a continuing education program using interactive games and presentations.

Pat has been a licensed veterinary technician since 2003 and graduated as a Certified Training Partner from the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy in 2018. While overseeing Midcoast Humane’s training classes and program, she employs force-free, positive-reinforcement training methods, and works closely with Dr. Calder to provide shelter guests with the best care and treatment plan possible.

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