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  • Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    This annoying parasite is a common source of ear infections, especially in cats and kittens. Where do they come from? How do you get rid of them?
  • Feeding Fat to Horses Open link in new window
    Fat is commonly used as an energy source for horses as it supplies two and one quarter times more calories per gram than carbohydrates.  
  • What Is a Marker and Why Is It Used in Training? Open link in new window
    A marker is a word, sound or gesture that signals the exact moment your pet has offered a behavior you like and want repeated.
  • Hamsters as Pets Open link in new window
    A very popular pet for decades, hamsters are peculiar little rodents with large cheek pouches and short stubby tails. Since their domestication, several color and hair coat varieties have arisen through selective breeding. The three basic groups which now exist include the common 'golden' hamster, colored short-haired 'fancy' hamster, and long-haired 'teddy bear' hamster. All three varieties are popular as pets.
  • When You Need Antibiotics for Your Pets, and When You Don’t Open link in new window
    Antibiotics can be literal life savers for your pet when prescribed and used for the kind of infection that responds to the medication. But when given for something where they are not appropriate — such as a virus — antibiotics can create a long-lasting problem of antibiotic resistance.
  • Determining the Viability of a Bovine Fetus Open link in new window
    Fetal loss is a major concern in the beef and dairy cattle business. Checking the viability of the fetus is something your veterinarian can do. 
  • Transitioning Your Horse from Shod to Barefoot Open link in new window
    Transitioning your horse from wearing shoes to going barefoot can be done with minimal discomfort for your horse, with a bit of planning. 
  • How Toxoplasmosis Affects Your Cat Open link in new window
    You have probably heard the warnings given to pregnant women about the parasite toxoplasmosis, advising against cleaning litterboxes and the dangers of ingesting raw/undercooked meat or milk products. But should you be concerned about how this parasite affects your cat?

  • Food Allergies in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    Have an itchy pet all year round? Maybe there is a food allergy. Just changing to a new diet probably won't be enough. Find out what to do here and see if your pet fits the profile for this condition.
  • Coronary Band Dystrophy in Horses Open link in new window
    The coronary band is the area at the top of the horse’s hoof that separates the hoof wall from the skin. The disease usually occurs in heavier breeds of horses, like warmbloods. Although the condition usually heals with treatment, the treatment is time-consuming and requires your commitment.

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