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Selamectin (Revolution, Revolution Plus, Paradyne)
Revised: November 26, 2021
Published: August 25, 2019

Brand Name: Revolution, Revolution Plus, Paradyne, Selarid, Senergy, Revolt, Stronghold 

 Available as topical solution for dogs and cats


Parasite protection for pets is an important concern. We do not want our pets to endure being irritated by parasites nor do we want our pets to become a reservoir for human parasite infection. Some type of regular parasite treatment is recommended for all dogs and cats and, of course, there are a multitude of products available depending on which parasites are to be targeted.  

Selamectin seems to be an especially excellent choice for outdoor cats as it covers fleas, roundworms, hookworms, heartworm prevention, ear mites, and notoedric mange mites. The addition of sarolaner in RevolutionPlus® had added tick control and doubled up on flea killing power.

In dogs, selamectin covers fleas, sarcoptic mange mites, heartworm prevention, American dog ticks, and ear mites.

How this Medication is Used

Selamectin is applied topically on the skin but penetrates to the bloodstream where it acts internally. Because of this, it is waterproof in approximately 2 hours.

Selamectin is labeled for use once a month, though it is commonly and safely used more frequently in off-label protocols. Selamectin is one of the few parasite products approved for use during pregnancy and lactation; however, its use is not recommended for patients who are sick, underweight or debilitated. It may be given to kittens.

If you accidentally skip a dose, give it as soon as you remember it. Do not double up on the next dose.

Side Effects

If selamectin is accidentally consumed in the mouth, it is not toxic but it will taste bad, generating saliva and drool. Vomiting may also result.

Approximately one percent of cats will lose hair at the site where you apply it. If this happens, the hair is expected to grow back but consider a different parasite product.

Serious but rarer side effects that have been reported include seizures, muscle tremors, and appetite loss. The incidence of each of these issues is less than 0.5%.

In dogs testing positive for the MDR1 mutation, selamectin may cause problems if it is given more frequently than once a month. The MDR1 mutation is a genetic defect that alters how medications are transported into the nervous system. It is most common in breeds of collie-type heritage

Interactions with other Drugs

Dogs with the MDR1 mutation may have issues if selamectin is combined with any of the following medications:

 Concerns and Cautions 

Selamectin is approved for only one species of tick, the American dog tick. If you want protection from other tick species, use a different product.

With heartworm, selamectin works retroactively to kill heartworm larvae that entered the body in the previous month. If you are going to use just a single dose of selamectin during travel to a heartworm area, do not apply it before you travel. Instead, apply it within one month following exposure. 

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