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  • Anal Sac Tumors in Dogs Open link in new window
    Anal sac tumors are uncommon but serious and left untreated are generally fatal.
  • The Link: the Connection between Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence Open link in new window
    The Link is the name given to the connection between animal abuse and violence against humans
  • Loose Leash Walking Your Dog Open link in new window
    If you decide that basic loose leash walking is more your speed than heeling, that is okay. Dogs that respond to their owner’s simple request on a walk are just as well behaved. The less often you go for walks, the more novel and exciting it will be when they get the opportunity to explore. Try to understand their excitement. Be sure to make the walk equally as enjoyable for them as it is for you. Be kind and fair in your training methods, and always make time for a few good smells.
  • Initial Management of a Colicky Horse Open link in new window
    Horses with colic generally show mild or moderate pain but they can have severe pain. Because of this, all horses with colic need to be examined by a veterinarian because without an exam, it is difficult to determine if the problem is merely mild gas colic or more serious.
  • Preparing for Fall Calving Season Open link in new window
    You need experience using a mechanical calf puller as pulling incorrectly can damage the calf and the cow
  • Heat Stress Can Lead to Summer Pneumonia in Calves Open link in new window
    Summer heat and humidity can lead to pneumonia in calves
  • Microchipping Could Save your Pet's Life Open link in new window
    A microchip can reunite you with a lost pet, serve as proof of ownership in a dispute, or even mean the difference between euthanasia and medical care in an emergency. A chip can be implanted in a matter of seconds while you wait.
  • Using Bisphosphonates to Treat Navicular Disease in Horses Open link in new window
    If you have a horse diagnosed with navicular disease, ask your vet about osphos
  • False Pregnancy in Dogs Open link in new window
    We get a lot of questions about female dogs having their menstrual periods. In fact, the menstrual cycle is a primate phenomenon; dogs have an estrus cycle that includes a period of false pregnancy. This false pregnancy can last for weeks with the dog producing milk and sometimes mothering a soft toy.
  • Pulmonic Stenosis in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    Pulmonic stenosis is the third most common congenital heart disease in dogs. It can be accompanied by additional heart defects to create a constellation of disaster or it can be mild enough to be no more than a surprising incidental finding.

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