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  • Teaching Chin Rest to Dogs Open link in new window
    Teaching voluntary behaviors such as a chin rest can be useful when you want your dog to hold still and show you they are comfortable. A chin rest shows that your dog is willing to be an active participant in their care.
  • Avoiding the Post-Weaning Slump in Dairy Calves Open link in new window
     Although getting dairy calves to weaning time is not easy, the job is not quite done since many calves will also have problems after weaning. There are several recommendations to decrease stress in these calves, including only making one change at a time. 
  • Selamectin (Revolution, Revolution Plus, Paradyne) Open link in new window
    Selamectin is applied topically on the skin but penetrates to the bloodstream where it acts internally.
  • Bloody Nose (Epistaxis) in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    Some blood-tinged droplets sneezed on the floor might be the only sign or there might be a steady bloody drip from one or both nostrils. These findings are alarming as well as messy and we want to identify the cause and take care of it promptly. The problem is that there are many causes and not all of them are localized to the nose, and many are serious diseases.
  • Tetracycline (Panmycin, Tetracap, Tetracyn, Sumycin, Tetralan) Open link in new window
    The tetracycline antibiotic family provides broad anti-bacterial protection by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. The body possesses many barriers through which antibiotics have difficulty penetrating (the nervous system, prostate gland, and eye are some examples). Infections behind these barriers can be difficult to treat.
  • Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (Adequan) Open link in new window
    In treating arthritis, injections are given twice a week for 4 weeks for a maximum of eight injections. Injections are given intramuscularly. Dogs, cats, and horses are the usual patients. There is another use for this medication and that is in the treatment of feline lower urinary tract disease.
  • Steroid Use in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    There has never been a class of drug that has more application in disease treatment than the glucocorticoid class. Indeed, this group is rivaled only by antibiotics in lives saved. But side effects from the glucocorticoid group are numerous and can be classified into those seen with short-term use and those seen in long-term use.
  • Mosquito Control Tips for Horse Owners Open link in new window
    Horses can be affected by mosquitos just like humans, so it is a good idea to have a plan on your farm to control mosquitos. 
  • Cholangitis (Cholangiohepatitis) in Cats Open link in new window
    The word cholangiohepatitis breaks down into "(bile), (vessel), hepat (liver) and (inflammation)." Putting this all together means inflammation of the liver and bile ducts. It is one of the four most common liver concerns in cats.
  • Handling Downer Cows Open link in new window
    When veterinarians receive a call to treat a downer cow they may cringe, because the success rate in treating many of these cows is very low. Dr. Shaw Perrin with Ohio State shared some advice on on handling these cases.  She says the situation should be treated as an emergency and that it requires at least three people to safely move a down cow. Use caution not to cause further injury when moving these cows.     

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