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  • Uveitis in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    Uveitis is an inflammation of the dark tissues (uvea) of the eye
  • Introducing the Dog to Your New Baby Open link in new window
    Begin desensitizing your dog to things that may occur with a baby
  • Pancreatitis in Dogs Open link in new window
    In pancreatitis, inflammation disrupts the normal integrity of the pancreas. Digestive enzymes that are normally safely stored in granules are released prematurely where they digest the body itself. The result can be a metabolic catastrophe. The living tissue becomes further inflamed and the tissue damage quickly involves the adjacent liver. Toxins released from this orgy of tissue destruction are released into the circulation and can cause a body-wide inflammatory response.
  • Skin Disease in Horses Open link in new window
    Many equine skin diseases appear similar to the eye. There are multiple causes of lumps and bumps on the skin, and many of them require different treatments.
  • Dental Disease of the Incisors and Canine Teeth in Horses Open link in new window
    A new condition affects a horse's incisors, and sometimes the canine teeth, called equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis, or EOTRH for short.
  • Conditioning Horses on Water Treadmills Open link in new window
    Horses training on water treadmills had a 17% increase in average speed over horses trained on a treadmill without water.
  • Deciding to Breed your Mare Open link in new window
    Breeding your mare involves numerous decisions, including your goal for a foal and expenses.
  • Parvovirus: Caring for the Recovered Dog Open link in new window
    There should be no permanent ramifications due to this infection. The recovered puppy should lead a normal life once the recovery period is completed (1-2 weeks).
  • Cutaneous Lymphangitis in Horses Open link in new window
    Cutaneous lymphangitis in horses is inflammation of lymph vessels of the horse's skin, usually below the hock, that leads to a leg swelling commonly called big leg.
  • Tremoring or Shivering in Dogs Open link in new window
    Tremors can involve only certain muscles or body areas or the entire dog. Finding the reason behind tremors is tricky as tremoring occurs for many reasons.

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