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  • Fractures in a Horse’s Back More Common than Suspected Open link in new window
    Disease in the horse’s lower back seems to be much more common than was previously thought
  • Too Hot to Ride Your Horse? Open link in new window
    If the air temperature and humidity added together are more than 150, it may be too hot for your horse to go riding.
  • Laser Therapy in Horses Open link in new window
    Laser therapy is noninvasive but horse owners must have reasonable expectations of what it can do
  • Weight Loss in Dogs Open link in new window
    Excessive weight gain has become the most common preventable disease seen in dogs throughout the United States. Fortunately, losing weight can help these patients reduce that risk and even reverse some of the effects of these conditions.
  • Alternative Diets for Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    There are about as many diet options for your pet as there are for you, so which one is best? Breed, age, weight, allergies, medical conditions, and finances are some of the contributing factors that need to be considered when choosing an alternative diet.
  • Calf Diseases that Can Affect Humans Open link in new window
    Although dairy farmers have a unique affection for the animals they raise, kissing calves is not a good idea
  • Anal Sac Tumors in Dogs Open link in new window
    Anal sac tumors are uncommon but serious and left untreated are generally fatal.
  • Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs Open link in new window
    Chocolate may be America's favorite flavor. We like chocolate candy, ice cream, chocolate drinks, chocolate cakes, just about anything with that flavor. We may want to share our favorite treat with an eager pet but it is best to think twice and reach for the dog biscuits instead.
  • The Connection between Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence Open link in new window
    The Link is the name given to the connection between animal abuse and violence against humans
  • Loose Leash Walking Your Dog Open link in new window
    If you decide that basic loose leash walking is more your speed than heeling, that is okay. Dogs that respond to their owner’s simple request on a walk are just as well behaved. The less often you go for walks, the more novel and exciting it will be when they get the opportunity to explore. Try to understand their excitement. Be sure to make the walk equally as enjoyable for them as it is for you. Be kind and fair in your training methods, and always make time for a few good smells.

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