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  • What First Time Cat Owners Should Know Open link in new window
    Each cat has their own preferences and it's a learning process for you to find out what they are
  • Feeds High in Starch Cause Inflammation in Horses Open link in new window
    High-starch meals can lead to inflammation, and feeds high in starch are not recommended for some horses, especially for those horses that are older or overweight. 
  • Feeding Hemp May Reduce Stress in Cattle Open link in new window
    A recent study performed at Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine shows industrialized hemp could be fed to cattle to reduce stress. 
  • Respiratory vs. Nervous System Disease in Horses Open link in new window
    One of the most serious infectious diseases we see in horses is the neurological form of the herpes virus. 
  • Vaccines for Pinkeye in Cattle Open link in new window
    A serious condition, pinkeye in cattle causes inflammation and sometimes results in temporary or permanent blindness. There are two types of vaccines available.
  • Abscesses/Fibrescesses in Reptiles Open link in new window
    Abscesses are usually seen on the skin or can be felt just under it but they can develop anywhere in the body.
  • Polyuria/Polydipsia in Dogs and Cats Open link in new window
    With polyuria (PU) the body makes more urine than normal, which in turn causes a condition called polydipsia (PD), which means your dog or cat is extra thirsty because they are trying to stay hydrated. What are the reasons for these conditions? 
  • Caring for Orphaned Kittens Open link in new window
    Although nothing can replace the care from a feline mama, there are steps you can take to become an excellent foster parent until the kittens are ready to face the world.
  • Vaccinations for Your Horse Open link in new window
    All adult horses are recommended to have the core vaccines every year. Core vaccines are encephalitis and West Nile virus, rabies, and tetanus. By vaccinating, you are helping to protect your horse from diseases, some of which are deadly. 
  • Monkeypox Virus Information Open link in new window
    You’ve almost certainly heard of the monkeypox virus by now and have questions about your own health and that of your pets. While we’re still learning more about this virus, here are some answers on how to keep your pets and your family healthy.

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