How to Reference VIN in Your Medical Records
May 7, 2018 (published) | November 12, 2023 (revised)
Christy Corp-Minamiji

Can I reference or copy VIN Materials into my Medical Records?

While VIN Message Board communications are expected to remain available only to VIN members, there are times when you need to reference advice or information gained on VIN in your medical record.

In respect to your colleagues and to keep VIN a place VINners feel safe to post, please keep the following points in mind when referencing VIN content or discussions in your medical record:

  1. Do not record names of VIN consultants or other colleagues.
  2. Do not quote directly from message board threads; paraphrase.
  3. You may mention that you posted the case to the Message Boards of the Veterinary Information Network, an online community for the veterinary profession, and based upon the feedback you received, you decided on the following plan for diagnosis/treatment/referral/etc.
  4. You may note the URL to the discussion in the medical record, so that it may be viewed by your VINner colleagues using their own account.

What about articles from Veterinary Partner, VetzInsight, or VIN News Service?

  1. These VIN sites are open to public access. 
  2. Sharing these with your clients is encouraged by sharing links or printing limited quantities for distribution to your clients. 
  3. Please do not copy the text of these articles into your website or reprint the content in any other publication without written permission from VIN.   

If you have any questions about whether something you wish to include in the medical record or share in any way could violate VIN community policies, please email