MyCalculations Help
Revised: April 02, 2012
Published: December 14, 2011

Laura Schwartz; Shilpa Gadam

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How do I use MyCalculations?

1. From MyVIN, select Stuff and then select MyCalculations

2. To access MyCalculations from the Calculator & Conversion Tables section of the VIN Library, click on Calculators Main Page.

3. From the VINDEX click on Calc./Conversions.

4. Or simply click here


If you have already saved a record for your patient, choose a calculator you want to use from the Calculators tab.




Add Patient:

If you've already created any patient records, you can click on an existing patient record to perform and save additional calculations.

To create a new patient record, click on the Patients tab and then click 'Add Patient'.

Fill in (at least) the required fields (marked with red asterisks) and then click Save.

The patient's information and number of saved calculations now appears in the Patients column on the left side of the page. When a patient is selected, age and weight details will show at the bottom of the window and you can choose a calculator from here also.

The type, date and title of any calculations you've performed for each patient will show in the column on the right hand side of the page.

To view or edit the patient's record, click on that patient's name to select, then click on View/Edit Patient button near the bottom left of the window.


Remove Patient:

To remove a patient, select the patient by clicking on the name and then click the Remove Patient button near the top middle of the Patients column.


Add Calculation:

To perform a calculation for a patient, select a patient, and then click on the 'START NEW' button. Choose which calculator you want to use.


Once you have performed your calculation, click the 'Save to MyCalculations' button. Give the calculation a title and click Save, then click OK on the next pop up. You can access MyCalculations from any calculator by clicking the 'MyCalculations' icon at the top.


To view/edit the results of a calculation in MyCalculations, select the patient and the calculation and click Open.


Remove Calculation

To remove a calculation, click to select it and then click the Remove Calculation button. Click Yes to confirm.