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Cattle Vaccine Handling and Storage
Published: March 31, 2022

Vaccine for your cattle is expensive but is a worthwhile investment if the vaccine is handled correctly between the time it is manufactured and the time it’s used. Proper storage and handling of vaccines is critical if the vaccines are to remain effective. It’s best to purchase your vaccine through a reputable company or your veterinarian. Purchasing from your bovine veterinarian might be a little more expensive, but you know the staff is trained in the correct handling of vaccines and have an interest in your success as a cattle owner.

There are basically two types of vaccines: modified live or killed. Modified live vaccines generally provide stronger immunity and must be reconstituted with sterile diluent prior to use and should be used within an hour once reconstituted. It’s recommended not to buy too many doses of modified live vaccine in one bottle, so you don’t have to discard it if you have a delay in vaccinating your cattle. Although it may cost a little more, it is better to mix up 10-25 doses and know it is viable versus mixing up a 100-dose bottle and some going to waste.

When storing vaccines, you need a refrigerator that stays below 40 degrees but does not freeze. Be sure to make a note of the lot numbers on the vaccine you purchase. If a recall occurs, you will need this information. The easiest thing is to take a picture of the vaccine bottles since everyone has a camera on their phones.

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